Booking Author Visit

Author/Illustrator Event Booking

Book an author visit!

   Congratulations!  You are taking the first step in bringing the world of books alive for your group!

Here are a few things for you to consider:

  • I travel with my younglings (many of them) and their nanny (one of whom has her own youngling), so if you are requesting us for multiple days or an event located more than 280 miles distant from St. Augustine, Florida, we will need accommodations. (Don’t worry, we don’t need the Ritz, but unless you have a member willing to host a party of 8 or 9, we’ll need two normal hotel rooms.)
  • I am available as a package deal! I travel with at least two of my illustrators at all times.  (Let me know which illustrator you want and I’ll make sure the dates accommodate her as well.  Check out the illustrator bios here: Christina, Rebeccah, Kimberly, Jaquline.)
  • I’m available to work with any age or skill group. We love doing book readings and meet-and-greets where your students get to meet both the author (me) and at least one of my illustrators. (I try to match the age of my assisting illustrator with our audience!)  Several of my illustrators are skilled at talking about their art. (Most students love this!)  We also enjoy reading any book on the list (found here) or talking about our life journey (mine is the longest, yes) and can highlight whatever portion of the story you’d prefer (though I prefer to highlight encouragement, family, teamwork, and freedom).
  • For general fees (not including travel) see “Fees” page.
  • If you’d like more than just a standard book reading or meet-and-greet, we have several preset workshops available. (I enjoy creating a specific workshop or fitting in with one you are offering, please contact me via email for details.) Workshops will require materials, please see the “Workshop Details” page for details.
  • All participants will have a splendid time!

There are a few things I need to know:

  • How far is your event location from St. Augustine, Florida?
  • What is the median age of your group?
  • Approximately how many people will be attending?
  • How many presentations are required and what type?
  • What date(s) are you requesting?

Please contact me via email for booking requests.  I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Thanks for reading!

~ Nancy Tart