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December 14, 2017

Some Picture and Captions

Sometimes it’s just fun to look at pictures and make up captions:


“Unique dirt graffiti” (Drawn on our van rear by Jillian after her first experience of writing the “0” times table.  Plus, there’s the three marks of Arne Saknussemm on the right!)


“Find the hidden birds” (Rebeccah took this one because a “flock” of birds were in our trees!)


“Is food ready yet?” (Everyone loves it when this grill is in use!)


“Roller Dance!” (They use our carport for a roller blade/skate rink.)



“Silly Cousin Games” (Notice Prim covered with the couch blanket?  Anastasia said she was cold & they are playing “Michael Row Your Boat” with the broom as the boat…)


“Help when Folding Clothes” (This is what happens when imagination runs wild… they said they are wearing “invisible hats.”)


“Stealing Her Heart” (This was probably the moment when Christina decided to keep Primrose.)


“Yummy Trees!” (Since Rebeccah was little, our family has called raw broccoli “trees.”  It has always been a favorite vegetable – once it is discovered in the crisper, it usually disappears before dinnertime!)

I’m so thankful for the neat little invention we have called a “camera” because I can capture snapshots of our fun life.  Most of the funniest ones aren’t on film because we are too busy living them.  (Staged funny pictures don’t have the same effect!)  We love to look back at these snapshots and relive the memories with our little stories; it’s neat to hear the story each child has for the pictures!  We all see life from our personal perspective and even among family members the stories will be slightly different since each member has their unique perspective.

Thanks for reading!

Type at you later…

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